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Kameo – blog kickoff

Kameo – blog kickoff
Kameo Kameo Team

This is our first blog post, so maybe you don’t know us yet. Who are we? Kameo’s business concept is crowdlending of business loans.

Kameo was founded on the idea that more people need to be included in the financial world. Today many small companies and savers are excluded from the financial market. It is time to change that.  The financial market should expand beyond large corporates and the rich. Kameo wants to enable more people to save, e.g. invest, at better rates. The best part is, by doing so, they will help important but small companies with funding. Hence, also contribute to growth and the creation of job opportunities. A win-win situation.

The name Kameo is a Nordic version of the American expression cameo role, which means playing a background role. And that is what we intend to do; make the once that matters, small businesses and savers, play the leading roles. Through crowdlending, small companies will have loans from many savers and savers will invest in many companies. Hence the word crowd. And they will be directly connected through an online marketplace.

Kameo is a Scandinavian project. Our ambition is to include more companies and more savers in all of Scandinavia. We start in Sweden, then Denmark and Norway. It therefore feels great to publish the first blog in English.

Do you feel, by the way, that the name Kameo is difficult to remember? Quentin Tarantino always plays a cameo role in his movies. There you go, impossible to forget. We will be back with more news and updates as we prepare for launch, but do not hesitate to comment or ask us questions before that. Connect with us throughe-mail or on Twitter. Our office in the heart of Stockholm, at Kungsgatan 8, is always open if you would like to drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Since we do not play the main role here, we will from time to time invite some more important persons to write here on the blog. Maybe that more important person is you? If so, let us know.

Let’s stay in touch!

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